Our Past

Originally the location of a rock-climbing wall, Temple repurposed the space in Pearson Hall on North Broad Street to open the vibrant and convenient technology store, OWLtech. The University felt that students needed a place on campus to purchase technology because the closest major computer stores are located a distance away in Center City, Philadelphia.

Our Present

OWLtech opened on April 18, 2019 providing excellent customer service to Temple students, faculty, staff, alumni and hospital employees. The team at OWLtech helps Temple Owls find and purchase the right technology solutions for their academic, professional and personal endeavors from brands such as Apple and Dell.



Our Future

The OWLtech team is here to help you through the entire technology product lifecycle from hardware, full-service to Trade-In, as well as recycling through Temple’s Computer Recycling Center. Whether it’s your first-purchase, device upgrade or a repair need, OWLtech looks forward to helping you throughout your time at Temple and beyond.

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